NATS 2020-2021

This was a tough year to continue in voice lessons and competitions, since all activities were entirely on Zoom with recorded accompaniments.  However, the following students persevered and did well!


Eleni Nicholas (UNCG)  and Isabelle Kosempa (UNC)  (1st year college) have advanced to National Student Auditions.  They are listed with me because they had less than 8 months of instruction under their current teachers and/or continue to study with me in the summer.


Carl May  2nd place (1st year college/private studio classical) Superior, advance to Regionals

Grace Waugh (Lower high school) Superior, advance to Regionals

Paige Thornton and Julia Tanzer received Excellent scores


Eliza Meyer (CCM) 3rd place, Superior

Carl May (MT) Superior, advanced to Regionals

Rebecca Esther (Youth MT) received Superior

Grace Waugh and Paige Thorton received Excellent scores