Choral Workshops

Body Mechanics For Free and Easy Singing

Two or three hours of voice instruction in a large-group format addressing basics of posture, breathing, resonance and diction. I can answer questions about the aging voice, vocal health, or topics suggested by the conductor. It is quite instructive if a few singers are comfortable to volunteer for brief individual work in front of the choir. These workshops can be adapted to the needs of your group.


Riverside High School Chorus, Jill Boliek
UU District Choral Festival, Community Church of Chapel Hill, Glenn Mehrbach
Forest at Duke Community Choir
, Scott Hill
Durham Children’s Chorus
, Scott Hill
Mt. Sylvan United Methodist Choir
, Kathie Wilkinson
Women’s Voices Chorus, Allan Friedman
Duke Memorial United Methodist Choir, Jill Newsom
Chapel Hill Community Chorus, Sue Klausmeyer
Choral Society of Durham, Rodney Wynkoop
Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Church Choir, Harry Jansen
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Choir, Jane Lynch
Watts Street Baptist Church Choir, Larry Speakman
Trinity United Methodist Church Choir, Betsy Taylor