I work with voice majors for graduate school audition prep, professionals, semi-professionals, high school performance-track students, and a few avid amateurs, as well as the occasional rehabilitation referral from Duke Voice Care Center or UNC Voice Center.

Wherever you are in your own singing path, I want to help you move forward technically by using your body more efficiently, releasing tension, and moving work to the muscles that promote free and easy singing.  I want you to discover the unique sound of your voice when tension barriers are down and your focus is on communication.  I want you to learn to sing by what you are doing and how it feels rather than by how it sounds to you.  I want our work together to free you up to sing for joy.

Private Lessons

Individual lessons are available by either 1.  a free audition or 2.  a paid consultation.

1.  After a free audition I will let you know my availability.

2.  If you prefer a paid 30-minute consultation ($45), you will receive a brief voice evaluation, recommendations for teachers in the area (including my availability), community and church choir recommendations, and a referral for any vocal health problems.

Contact me by email to schedule an audition or consultation.


STUDIO POLICY  2020-2021

To set the teacher free to create quality lessons adapted to the individual voice, personality and goals by:

  • offering a clear schedule with flexible choices for you
  • agreeing on professional business practices between teacher and client
  • communicating student responsibilities that promote consistent, long term progress.
  • Please note: due to Covid, all lessons are taught online until further notice.



Youth/High School Studio Schedule.  In your Annual Subscription you will be scheduled for 36 lessons between August 17, 2020 and July 22, 2021.  You will also be eligible to sing in studio recitals on January 16 and May 12, 2021, as pre-recorded, online recitals until further notice.  In non-pandemic years, I can help you find additional opportunities to perform in the community, in contests, and auditions.

Continuing Ed (Adult) Schedule.  Adults may choose an Annual Subscription above or an Every-other week Subscription (or monthly if spots are available).  Adults and newly-joining students also have a 9-week Summer Subscription option.

Flex Weeks.  Your annual schedule includes four flex weeks, in November, February, May, and July.  If you miss a lesson or anticipate missing a lesson for any reason, you may schedule a lesson on a flex day or join a group class that will be scheduled during Flex Weeks. You may also switch lessons with another student to avoid an absence.  There will be no other makeup lesson or refunds.  If you are traveling, we still can have an online lesson!  If you are sick, an online lesson is still your option.  The only time you should not sing is when you are truly hoarse (and then, do not sing, talk or whisper).

Studio Recitals.  Studio recitals give you a reason to polish your performance skills and get experience in front of a supportive audience.  The January recital may be online, as was our lovely recital in May 2020.  Advanced high school seniors, particularly those applying to music programs, often give a Senior Recital.



  • All payments should be mailed or sent electronically; please do not put checks in my door or box.
  • Most banks and credit unions will schedule a recurring payment and mail it free of charge.
  • I also accept payment via Zelle, using my email address or phone number.
  • *YOU MAY TAKE A $10 DISCOUNT on each monthly payment received prior to the 1st of the month. If your payment will qualify for a discount, please deduct it from the payment.
  • Your first payment affirms your agreement to one year of lessons and payments.

2020-2021 Annual Tuition, paid in 12 monthly equal installments Aug. 1, 2020 through July 1, 2021

  • Your tuition covers 36 lessons with four flex weeks and two recitals.

30 minutes (pre-high school only)           $190/month *see discount above

45 minutes                                                                $245/month *see discount above

60 minutes                                                                $310/month *see discount above


2020-2021 Continuing Ed, paid in 12 monthly equal installments Aug. 1, 2020 through July 1, 2021

  • Your tuition covers lessons with your choice of two flex weeks and one recital.

45 minutes every other week (18 per year)       $130/month *see discount above

45 minutes monthly (12 per year)                            $90/month  *see discount above


2021 Summer Tuition, paid in 3 equal installments May 1, June 1, July 1

  • May and July flex weeks.

45 minutes May-July lessons (9 weeks)                 $250/month *see discount above

60 minutes May-July lessons (9 weeks)                 $310/month *see discount above

Rumours of Passion, Cambridge-Duke Voices, Toby Young, conductor





Several Linnartz students and area singers accompanied her to Cambridge, UK to sing in the Cambridge-Duke Voices concert in Clare College Chapel, sponsored by Duke Initiatives in Theology and the Arts.