I am a lyric soprano teaching classical singing in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.  You can register on this listserv signup to receive emails about my upcoming performances.  

I teach Lessons, Summer Classes, Choral Workshops, and also at Duke.  

Current students, please use Resources for voice study and the private Studio Log-In.




Congratulations to Isabelle Kosempa for receiving the top vocal prize in the NC BACH FESTIVAL YOUNG ARTIST COMPETITION on March 10!!
Congratulations to Noah Mofield and Cordia Ritz for getting into GOVERNOR’S SCHOOL in Choral Music this year!

2019 NATS Mid-Atlantic Region

The following students auditioned in March in Towson MD with top singers in their categories from MD,VA,DC,NC & SC. Congratulations to:
Lily Vance, 2nd place, 1st place in Sing-off, National Auditions, Honors Recital, Upper HS Music Theater
Ahmad Chaudhry, 2nd place, National Auditions, in Second-Year College Classical (Duke)
Carl May, 4th place, National Auditions, Upper High School Music Theater
Isabelle Kosempa, Upper High School Classical
Emme Griffith, Upper High School Classical

Qualifying students have submitted video auditions for the preliminary round of National Student Auditions. Final NSA round is at St. Olaf College June 27-29, 2019.

2019 NC NATS Classical

Congratulations to singers at NATS Classical Student Auditions at UNC Greensboro on February 15 and 16:

Ahmad Chaudhry, Third Place, Regionals in Second-Year College Men (Duke)
Noah Mofield, Regionals in Upper High School Men
Isabelle Kosempa, Regionals in Upper HS Women; Master Class performer
Emme Griffith, Regionals in Upper HS Women
Cordia Ritz, Upper HS Women
Juliana Fisher, Adult Women (category does not advance)
Grace Waugh, Youth (category does not advance)

Highest scorers are invited to advance to audition in the Mid-Atlantic Region with students from NC, SC, VA, MD and DC.

2018-19 NATS Music Theater

Congratulations to singers in the NC NATS Musical Theater Auditions November 2018:
Lily Vance, First place, Regionals, Upper High School Women
Emily Dean, Third place, Regionals, Second Yr College Women (Duke)
Carl May, Regionals, Upper High School Men
Grace Waugh, Youth (this age group does not advance to Regionals)
Emme Griffith, Upper High School Women
Sofia Fernandez, Upper High School Women